LA Customs Agents Recover Jaguar Stolen 47 Years Ago


While inspecting a container en route to the Netherlands, Los Angeles port customs officials uncovered a rare 1967 Jaguar XKE convertible that was stolen 47 years ago.

The Jaguar, stolen March 13, 1968, in New York, could fetch $23,600 in fair condition and $100,000 in excellent condition, custom officials said on Wednesday in a statement. The vehicle is being returned to its original owner, Ivan Schneider, who now resides in Florida.

"This is just a miracle, a miracle," Schneider said. "I was 36 years old then and now I’m 82. It was my first good car — and favorite." Read more...

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BuySellAds Acquires Ad Startup LaunchBit

launchbit LaunchBit, an advert startup serious about serving to tool-as-a-provider companies in finding new shoppers, is asserting that it has been bought with the aid of advert platform The monetary phrases of the deal usually are not being disclosed. LaunchBit co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Yin instructed me by way of electronic mail that the LaunchBit advert community will proceed to function, “trade as overall,” whereas it’s… Read More

Tim Cook’s Philosophy at Apple, in His Own Words


One week after Steve Jobs announced plans to go on his first medical leave of absence from Apple in 2009, the man tasked with temporarily leading the company — or so it was assumed at the time — had to answer to Wall Street.

Tim Cook joined two other Apple executives for Apple's quarterly earnings call. The first question asked by an analyst on the call was, perhaps unsurprisingly, about Jobs' health and the likelihood that Cook "would be the candidate" to take over as CEO if Jobs were unable to return. Another executive on the call offered a quick boilerplate response to the question. But then Cook chimed in Read more...

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BeautyCon Raises Seed Funding So Brands Can Say Goodbye To Hollywood… And Hello To YouTube

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.51.53 PM Moj Mahdara has considered the way forward for branding and leisure, and it’s on YouTube. The manager government of the burgeoning media trade BeautyCon has raised below $5 million in seed financing from leisure and publishing large pictures like Michael Eisner, the previous chief govt of Disney Co., the writer Hearst Corp., Kelly Osbourne, and skill legal professionals Ken Hertz and Eric… Read More

The iOS 8 Update Is Ruining Everyone’s Lives Today


Today in first world problems: The iOS 8 update requires a whopping near 5 GB on the iPhone — and who in the world has that much storage available?

Apple released the update Wednesday, sending customers in a blind fit of rage upon realizing they'd have to delete apps, photos and music — basically everything they have ever been and ever will be — to make room for the software upgrade.


First U2 and now this Apple? The struggle is real ... Read more...

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Memoir Debuts A “Predictive” Photo-Sharing App For iOS 8

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 4.47.16 PM Photograph-sharing software Memoir, launched remaining fall to allow you to rediscover your picture recollections via a mix of evolved search options and a time tablet-like operate, just like competitor TimeHop. However one of the most app’s extra fascinating options used to be a method to request photographs from different customers. As of late, due to iOS eight, that possibility has now been superior. The corporate… Read More

Man Enlists TV Heroes to Help Fight Neighborhood Crime


The safety of your community is important, by any means necessary. Sometimes it takes a little bit of vandalizing to get your point across

One friendly neighborhood Canadian decided to upgrade his local crime watch signs. Maybe crime was running rampant and he needed to deter criminals from his neighborhood

A couple of Redditors confirmed that the signs were indeed from a neighborhood in Toronto

What better way to fight crime than with Internet access and printable stickers? If anything, it raises awareness. Though we're sure that the neighborhood watch would welcome Mr. Rogers' and Inspector Gadget's assistance with open arms. Read more...

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Little Girl Waits Tables to Raise Money for Cancer Research


A 6-year-old cancer survivor paid her good fortune forward this weekend by waiting tables at a local restaurant to help raise money for cancer research.

Macy Duke charmed customers during a fundraiser at Chili's in San Antonio, Texas to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Duke, who beat acute lymphoblastic leukemia last year, requested to wait tables at her favorite restaurant as a way to help other children with cancer.

To make it official, the restaurant staff even had her fill out an application before interviewing her and offering her the job. Read more...

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Celebrations Turn Dark in Kiev After EU Agreement


KIEV, Ukraine – This was supposed to be a momentous day for Ukraine.

The association agreement with the European Union was ratified on Tuesday by Ukraine’s parliament. This was the deal spurned by former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych last November –- a move that sparked a revolution, prompted his removal in February, and led to Russia's annexation of Crimea and the Russian-backed war in eastern Ukraine.

The country’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, signed the long-awaited agreement with EU parliamentarians; they were beamed in via satellite to witness the event touted as a move closer toward the West — and further from Russia’s orbit. Poroshenko said the deal was as important as Ukraine's declaration of independence in 1991.

As the deal was sealed, hundreds of people were outside the government offices, waving blue and yellow national flags. They were pleased, despite the fact that over the weekend, Russia convinced Ukraine and the EU to postpone perhaps the most significant part — a free-trade agreement — until 2016. Read more...

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