Up Close With The Tissot T-Touch Solar Expert, The Perennial Hiking Watch For Geeks

2014-09-12 11.04.22-2 For years the Tissot T-Contact line has been Switzerland’s distinctive solution to the quartz mountain climbing watch. Whereas different producers provided analog quartz items, Tissot has been the one firm that has tried to tackle the altimeter-barometer-thermometer uber watches made through Casio, Seiko and Citizen. They usually’ve executed an ideal job up to now. The most recent edition is the Tissot T-Contact Sunlight Knowledgeable. Read More

Memorial Statue of Singer Amy Winehouse Unveiled in London


Fans of the late Amy Winehouse gathered on Sunday at Stables Market in Camden, North London to witness the unveiling of a memorial statue created in the singer's likeness

The bronze sculpture was positioned in the center of the market on the anniversary of what would have been Winehouse's 31st birthday, BBC News reports. The singer died three years ago from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27

Winehouse's parents, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, were present at the unveiling, as was actor Barbara Windsor, The Guardian reports.

amy winehouse 1

Mitch Winehouse and Janis Winehouse pose for a picture with a statue of their late daughter, Amy Winehouse.

Image: Tim Ireland/Associated Press

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United Nations Reveals List of Leaders Attending Upcoming Climate Summit


The United Nations Secretary-General's daylong Climate Summit in New York on Sept. 23 will draw about 120 heads of state, and many lower-ranking officials, according to a list of speakers the U.N. released this week.

President Barack Obama will attend on behalf of the U.S., but China and India — the first and third-largest emitters of carbon dioxide — will be represented by lower-level officials. Carbon dioxide, the main long-lived greenhouse gas that is causing global warming, stayed at or above 400 parts per million for several months in 2014 — the highest it has been in human history. A single molecule of carbon dioxide can remain in the atmosphere for hundreds to a thousand years, which makes the problem particularly challenging to solve. Read more...

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A Tale Of Two Apps

tiiny-cap Every so often more than one apps undertake an identical ideas and designs as a part of some atypical cultural zeitgeist. However issues get murkier when ideas transform shared and adopted through lengthy-time pals riffing on identical ideas. That seems to be what came about to Kevin Rose and Danny Trinh, who constructed separate photograph-sharing apps that ended up taking a look eerily equivalent. Read More

Miley Cyrus Sings Led Zeppelin’s Powerful ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’


Miley Cyrus took on Robert Plant's gritty soaring vocals in her cover of Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You," a song on the band's self-titled debut album from 1969.

Although Joan Baez initially performed a folksy version of the tune in 1962, Led Zeppelin popularized it. Now, headline-magnet Cyrus has put her stamp on it

The 21-year-old, who recently won Video of the Year for "Wrecking Ball" at the MTV VMAs, posted a raw cover of "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" on SoundCloud. She renamed hers "Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You." Read more...

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‘Doctor Who’ Episode 4 Recap: The Doctor Faces His Fears


So far, this season of Doctor Who has been about contrast

There was a dark episode with "Into the Dalek," then a touch of lightness with "Robot of Sherwood," and, in keeping with the balance, this week served up a scary hour with “Listen.”

Of course, Doctor Who is a show that’s famous for it's frights, with some of the most recent scary episodes, such as “Blink” and 'Midnight," earning spots among the all-time best episodes. “Listen,” penned by show runner Steven Moffat, further adds to this scary legacy, and even plays with the idea of fear itself

Listen to this

“Listen” begins with the Doctor frantically circling the TARDIS console room, wondering aloud about “perfect hiding.” “Logically, if evolution were to perfect a creature whose primary skill were to hide from view, how could you know it existed?” he asks, as he broodily scribbles notes on his chalkboards. But who is he talking to? Exactly. The Doctor realizes that he is talking aloud for a reason — he’s not talking to just himself. “What would you do?!” he yells through the possibly not empty TARDIS. He seems to get a response, as “LISTEN” mysteriously appears on one of the chalkboards. The episode is barely two minutes in and no doubt many viewers have already scurried to the back of their sofas. Read more...

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Fourth Doctor Dies of Ebola in Sierra Leone


FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Sierra Leone has lost a fourth doctor to Ebola after a failed effort to transfer her abroad for medical treatment, a government official said Sunday. The loss is a huge setback to the impoverished country, which is battling the virulent disease amid a shortage of health-care workers.

Dr. Olivet Buck died late Saturday, hours after the World Health Organization said it could not help medically evacuate her to Germany, Sierra Leone's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brima Kargbo confirmed to The Associated Press.

Sierra Leone had requested funds from the WHO to transport Buck to Europe, saying the country could not afford to lose another doctor. Read more...

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Samsung Trolls iPhone 6 Plus in Sarcastic New Ad


By now, everyone knows that Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 6 Plus with a larger 5.5.-inch display — an announcement that has left rival Samsung majorly peeved.

So peeved, in fact, that the company released an ad that throws serious shade at Apple and the tech experts who disparaged the Samsung Galaxy Note's large size, Mashable included

The ad for the Galaxy Note 4 features tweets from folks who joke that the iPhone 6 Plus is copying Samsung's phablet model with its larger display

Although the highly sarcastic ad went live Saturday on Samsung's YouTube channel, it debuted on television during Sunday afternoon's football programming. Naturally, the ad drew both positive and negative responses from commentators online. Read more...

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Fierce Hurricane Odile Threatens Baja Vacation Paradise


Hurricane Odile intensified from a Category 1 storm to a Category 4 monster in less than a day, and is forecast to make landfall near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Sunday night. Cabo is a popular resort town on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, and the city could see winds exceeding 100 miles per hour, along with a damaging storm surge and flooding from heavy rain.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida, Odile has prompted hurricane warnings in Mexico, from Puerto San Andresito to Punta Abreojos. Tropical storm warnings are also in effect north of there, along with hurricane and tropical storm watches. Hurricane warnings mean that hurricane conditions — with sustained winds exceeding 74 mph — are expected in the area Read more...

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Jay Z Lyric Change Hints That Queen Bey Might Be Pregnant Again


Ring the alarm: Queen Bey may be expecting another child.

Rumors of a second Beyonce pregnancy abound after an alleged hint from Jay Z during the couple's On The Run tour performance in Paris on Friday night.

In an Instagram video that first appeared on Vibe.com, Jay Z can be heard changing the lyrics in his song "Beach Is Better" from "I replace it with another one" to "pregnant with another one."

Since the lyric change, fans have wondered if this could mean that Blue Ivy Carter is about to become a big sister.

Beyonce and Jay Z gave birth to their first child Blue Ivy in January 2012. But since the infamous elevator brawl between Solange and Jay Z in August, divorce rumors have plagued the couple despite their successful joint world tour. A heartfelt family hug between Jay, Bey and Blue Ivy at the end of Beyonce's VMA performance, however, suggested that the couple is doing fine despite rampant speculation. Read more...

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