4 Underdog Candidates Who Scored Their Dream Job


Whether you’re already employed and looking for new opportunities or are looking for work for the first time, the job search can unearth some brutal realities. Even if you’re an experienced professional with tons of accomplishments under your belt, you may not get the job — and that can be a bitter pill to swallow.

So what happens when you don’t have a strong resume to begin with? With more than 250 resumes received per job opening, employers are expecting an account of your background that speaks to your strengths and career wins. Can you still compete for jobs with those who appear more qualified — at least on paper? Read more...

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Lessons From The Sharing Economy

3746142610_85125bc77a_o1 Corporations far and wide are leaping on the sharing economic system pattern – from sharing talents to homes to vehicles, the sharing economic system is remodeling many industries. Know-how has decreased the obstacles in order that somebody can present services and products blurring the road between “non-public” and “skilled.” Read More

Protesters March in D.C. Streets for Mike Brown


A large crowd of protesters has descended upon a northeast neighborhood in Washington, D.C., taking over the streets, on Saturday night in a symbol of solidarity with their counterparts in Ferguson, Missouri, who called for justice for Mike Brown earlier during the day

The Washington protesters chanted "Whose streets? Mike's Streets" and "We're young, we're strong, we're marching all night long" as they walked down H Street northeast, at one point hitting the Bladensburg Road intersection, with police not far away.

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‘Diet Racism’ Is the Soda for the Closet Bigot in Your Life


Diet Racism: The soda for that special person in your life who keeps on saying borderline-racist stuff but swears they "don't see skin color."

CollegeHumor nails it with this YouTube video that comes in the form of a fictitious beverage ad

The funny spot is timely, too. The since-simmered protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a white police officer on August 9 forced America to again examine its painful legacy of racism and discrimination

The best humor always gets at bigger truths — many of them uncomfortable to confront head-on — and this video's no exception. Read more...

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Flying Fail: Skydiver Misses Stadium Before College Football Game


Penn State and the University of Central Florida played a college football game in Dublin, Ireland, on Saturday. Before the game, skydivers representing each school parachuted into the stadium to get the party started

The guy representing Penn State executed his stunt perfectly. The guy representing UCF? Not so much, missing the stadium entirely and landing on a nearby set of railroad tracks. Oops

Luckily, the incident, spotted by SB Nation, was captured on Instagram by a user called Cian, who was there to document the fail


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Will Tiny GoPro Cameras Replace Your Obnoxious Phone at Concerts?


PHILADELPHIA — It's rare to find someone at a concert who will keep their smartphone buried in their pockets or purses for the entirety of the show, seeing as we're essentially Generation Hold Your Camera Phone Up At Concerts Instead of Paying Full Attention.

It's rather obtrusive for fellow concert-goers — no one wants to watch the stage show from the viewpoint of your smartphone screen

To avoid pissing off people, some tech-savvy patrons at the Made in America festival are using tiny GoPro cameras, which have grown in popularity over the past few years.

Though not entirely unobtrusive, Delaware natives Lily Dubroff, 17, and James Magnani, 18, put their stick-mounted GoPro to the test during DJ Cassidy's midday show at the Liberty Stage at Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Read more...

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Unnecessary Roughness: College Football Coaches Read Rude Tweets


Autumn in America means college football season. College football season means irrational fans. And irrational fans invariably mean derogatory Twitter posts about coaches and players

ESPN's College GameDay show on Saturday got some of the biggest names in college football coaching to read and respond to mean tweets about themselves. Included in the amusing video, above, are Alabama's Nick Saban, Michigan's Brady Hoke, Florida's Will Muschamp and Mississippi State's Dan Mullen.

Hot dog water for cologne?! Fans can get weird with their hate — but these coaches take it all in good fun Read more...

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Cultural Realities Of Latin American Entrepreneurship

8332215554_9a9f0d3474_o1 Some of the sensible issues about tech leaders and pundits in Silicon Valley is their real ardour for entrepreneurship and their perception within the energy of the human spirit and mind. Surrounded by means of the sight of so many influenced and proficient founders within the Valley itself, they suppose that this positive sensibility can override just about any main issue for a devoted entrepreneur. Read More

Hundreds Rally in Ferguson to Demand Justice for Michael Brown’s Death


FERGUSON, Mo. — Hundreds converged on Ferguson on Saturday to march for Michael Brown, the unarmed black 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a white police officer three weeks ago to the day. His death stoked national discourse about police tactics and race, which the rally's organizers pledged to continue.

Led by Brown's parents and other relatives, Saturday's throng peacefully made their way down Canfield Drive in the St. Louis suburb to a makeshift memorial that marked the spot where Brown was shot Aug. 9 by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

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