Blue Reveals Its Fresh Take On Over-The-Ear Heaphones

20140826-DSC00943-2 No person will ever mistake the Blue Mo-Fi for Beats headphones. From the design to the amplified sound, the Mo-Fi headphones serve up a brand new standpoint on the now-ubiquitous shopper digital. Over-the-ear headphones are playing a renaissance of types. The place a couple of years in the past white earbuds was once a standing image, huge headphones are actually the established order thanks largely to Beats Electronics. Read More

Putin Sits Down With Ukraine’s President for Talks


MINSK, Belarus — The presidents of Russia and Ukraine sat down for talks Tuesday, meeting face-to-face for the first time since June on the fighting that has engulfed Ukraine's separatist east.

Russia's Vladimir Putin and Ukraine's Petro Poroshenko were joined by the presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan and three senior officials from the European Union in the Belarusian capital of Minsk.

The meeting came as Ukraine said its forces had captured 10 Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine and the shelling spread to a new front in the far southeast. Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of supporting and arming the rebels, which Russia denies daily. Read more...

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Bizible Raises $8M To Connect Marketing Tools With Sales Data

Bizible-Team Bizible, a startup promising to assist coordinate an organization’s advertising and gross sales efforts, is saying that it has raised $eight million in Sequence B funding. The theory, principally, is to trace whether or not on-line commercials result in gross sales. Bizible began out via pulling the info from AdWords search merchandising campaigns into Salesforce, and it’s now increasing into different sorts of advertisements and advertising… Read More

Is Social Media Causing Us to Self-Censor on Hot-Button Issues?


Hesitant to post that political link to Facebook? Worried about expressing your opinion on Twitter? It might be changing how you talk offline.

A survey by the Pew Research Center in conjunction with Rutgers University has found that social media doesn't encourage discussion on controversial subjects. It may, in fact, cause people to stay quiet.

The survey, conducted among 1,801 U.S. adults, asked people about their willingness to discuss the Edward Snowden leaks on social media and in person. Social media users demonstrated a particular hesitance to discuss the topic — 86% of those surveyed said they wold be willing to have an offline discussion on Snowden, while only 42% of Facebook and Twitter users said they would post about it online. Read more...

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Pinterest Launches A New Analytics Dashboard For Business Users

PinterestP Pinterest is the newest social community to construct instruments to assist companies get extra out of its platform. It’s acquired the manufacturers on board, it’s acquired a gaggle of brand name-centered Pinterest For Industry instruments, and now it’s bought a brand new analytics dashboard to lend a hand these manufacturers higher remember how fanatics are interacting with their content material on Pinterest. Read More

Pinterest Rolls Out Deeper Analytics for Businesses


Pinterest is showing it means business.

The social bookmarking service announced Tuesday that its new analytics tool is now available to businesses worldwide. With the tool, businesses can see detailed data on the number of users who engage with their pins as well as information on what countries those users are from, what their interests are on the social network and off network data for those who have Pin It buttons installed on their websites.

"We’re pretty excited about this because it's actually our first global business tool launch that we’re doing," Jason Costa, product manager at Pinterest, told Mashable in an interview this week. "We talk here at Pinterest a lot about the importance of the user experience and how the pinned side of the ecosystem is important to us. Businesses are equally and critically important to us as well." Read more...

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A Plane Diverted After Two Adults Got in a Fight Over a Reclining Seat


The fight started on a United Airlines flight because one passenger was using the Knee Defender, a $21.95 gadget that attaches to a passenger's tray table and prevents the person sitting front of him from reclining.

The dispute on United Flight 1462 from Newark, New Jersey to Denver, Colorado, escalated to the point where the airline decided to divert to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, according to Transportation Security Administration spokesman Ross Feinstein

A man in the middle seat of row 12 was using the Knee Defender to stop the woman in front of him from reclining while he was on his laptop. A flight attendant asked the man to remove the device, and he refusedThe woman in front of him then stood up, turned around, and threw a cup of water at him, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak. That's when the United flight decided to land in Chicago; the two passengers were not allowed to continue to Denver. Read more...

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U.S. Army’s Hypersonic Weapon Self-Destructed Right After Lift-off in Alaska


The U.S. Army had to self-destruct a device while testing a military defense project at its Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska on Monday.

The Department of Defense was testing its Advanced Hypersonic Weapon when a “flight anomaly” forced a termination “near the launch pad shortly after lift-off," according to the Pentagon.

No injuries were reported and officials are trying to determine what caused the anomaly

The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, named Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (or HTV-2 for short), is a DARPA project that has been in testing for nearly five years Read more...

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Sofatutor Raises Another €3.5M To Consolidate German Tuition Market

We haven’t heard from Sofatutor in a protracted outdated time. In 2012 they raised a ‘low million euro’ spherical from Acton Capital Companions, with current buyers. However their paid-for training provider, which they’ve caught to rigidly considering that they began, appears to draw traders. Lately they’ve raised a 3rd funding spherical to support the corporate’s place within the… Read More

Evernote Goes To Town On Its Market E-Commerce Portal With Retro Pfeiffer Office Gear

MKT14085_R1_Pfeiffer-CupFamily-V1_MT_v1 Evernote, the go-platform be aware-taking app that now has over one hundred million customers, goes huge on Market, its e-commerce trade that sits alongside its core product: these days the corporate is asserting a collaboration with furnishings clothier Eric Pfeiffer to create a Charles-and-Ray-Eames-impressed collection of place of business equipment with bent plywood and plenty of smooth traces. The primary merchandise,… Read More