‘U Guessed It’ Rap Lyrics Keep Popping Up in Hilarious Vines


The Vine community has claimed a manic, obscenity-filled rap song as its own.

Viners have transformed intense lyrics from OG Maco's "U Guessed It" into humorous Vine videos that call out people who are wildly guessing on a variety of topics such as school, relationships and even Dora the Explorer

The videos have thrust the relatively unknown song into the ears of social media users, with one Twitter user declaring, "Any Vine over #UGuessedIt is gonna be hilarious."

Any Vine over #UGuessedIt is gonna be hilarious.

— Dev LaWave (@DevinWaves) September 14, 2014

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Emojiyo Gives Your Emoji Keyboard a Facelift


Until iOS 8, the native emoji keyboard was pretty much the only "fun" keyboard available on iOS.

Now with the new operating system, developers can create custom keyboards. While we've seen everything from animated GIF keyboards to gesture-based offerings, a new app wants to give your old standby emoji keyboard a much-needed overhaul.

Emojiyo uses the same emoji as the classic keyboard available in previous versions of iOS but focuses on helping users find the right emoji for any situation.

"The built-in Apple emoji keyboard is just horrible," one of the app's creators, E.J. Mablekos, told Mashable. "You have the situation of this kind of language almost with 850 characters that you navigate by looking through six arbitrary sections and it's kind of like a game of memory." Read more...

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Devastated Australian Drops His New iPhone 6 on Live Television


SYDNEY — It is the moment nightmares are made of.

Just as you get your hands on the hottest product of the day, you falter. The news crews are too much, the attention overwhelming, you start to shake. Next thing you know, that beautiful piece of Apple technology is heading for the hard, cold cement.

This is what happened on Friday morning to one poor fellow in Perth, Australia. After lining up all night, Jack was the first customer at Perth's Apple Store. While he was being interviewed by the Today Show, Jack, whose last name wasn't immediately available, struggled with the "big reveal" of his new iPhone 6. The phone fell to the ground as the crowd screamed. Read more...

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How to Find Your Photos in iOS 8 (And Where Is Camera Roll?)


One of the big new features in iOS 8 is its revamped Photos app. But some users who've made the upgrade are troubled by one of the changes to Photos: Apple's removal of the default Camera Roll album

Luckily, those photos haven't actually disappeared. Here's what you need to know about finding and organizing your iOS photos now that the Camera Roll is gone.

Open the Photos app in iOS 8 and one of the first things you'll notice is that the Camera Roll album, which used to hold all the photos you took on that device, is gone. Instead, you'll see albums for Recently Added, Panoramas, Videos, Bursts, and Recently Deleted— along with albums created by third party apps such as Instagram Read more...

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10 Badass Facts About Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison stepped down as CEO of Oracle on Thursday, marking one of the most spectacular runs for a tech CEO in modern history.

Ellison, who is staying on as executive chairman and CTO, isn't just known for amassing a fortune (the current estimate is around $48 billion), but for being rather badass. Partially that's because he didn't follow the standard prep school-to-Ivy League trajectory of many chief executives. Ellison grew up in the hardscrabble South Side of Chicago and parlayed his skills in math, programming and salesmanship into what is now a $182 billion tech powerhouse. All of that started with a $1,200 investment in 1977 Read more...

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Procter & Gamble Reportedly Pulls Out of NFL Deal Amid Abuse Controversy


Procter & Gamble has reportedly put the kibosh on a "major initiative" with the NFL because of the league's ongoing domestic violence controversy.

The nixed deal would be the largest, and most tangible, blowback for the league since its treatment of domestic abusers became a national mainstream topic of outrage in July. Other brands have issued critical statements, but none have so far been reported to ax league-wide sponsorship deals

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported Thursday evening that Procter & Gamble's Crest toothpaste brand was going to participate in a "significant, league-wide initiative" for the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness month, which takes place every October. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, players wear pink accessories on the field, referees use pink penalty flags and the league heavily promotes pink jerseys marketed toward women and hyped to support the fight against breast cancer Read more...

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Australia Amps Up Security at Parliament House Due to Terror Threat


Australian authorities have amped up security at Parliament House on the heels of a massive anti-terror operation that consisted of multiple raids in Sydney and Brisbane early Thursday.

The Australian Federal Police are to take over security inside and outside Parliament House in Canberra, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday, adding the government building could be a target of a terror attack after authorities heard the location "specifically mentioned" by terrorist support networks, according to news reports.

About 5000 people work at Parliament House, The Australian reported. It is also a tourist attraction and a popular destination for school field trips. Read more...

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Where Is Roger Goodell? NFL Head’s Invisibility Draws Criticism


Where in the world is Roger Goodell?

As the NFL continues to stumble and bungle its way through a domestic abuse crisis — the latest installment of which includes a player allegedly head-butting his wife for turning down sex, then throwing a shoe at a baby — a growing number of observers are asking why the head of the league isn't more visible

The NFL commissioner's last notable public appearance came in an interview with CBS — a lucrative broadcast partner of the NFL — in which he denied having seen the infamous footage of running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée (now wife) in a casino elevator last February before it was leaked Read more...

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Sierra Leone Set to Begin 3-Day Lockdown to Curb Ebola


Sierra Leone authorities have called on the country's 6 million inhabitants to stay in their homes for three days beginning Friday to curb the spreading Ebola virus.

The de-facto curfew is set to start a day after the United Nations Security Council called the Ebola outbreak a threat to international peace and security Thursday.

As part of the three-day lockdown, officials plan to go house to house searching for infected people in hiding, according to multiple news reports

Doctors Without Borders, an international aid group, has criticized the tactic, noting that the shutdown could scare the diseased, worsening the outbreak by driving the infected to continue to hide. It could also erode trust built between doctors and the public Read more...

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Klarna Announces U.S. Team As It Plans For 2015 Launch In The U.S.

klarna-ecommerce The funds market within the U.S. couldn’t be be extra aggressive, and now but any other participant is getting into the combination. Stockholm-based totally Klarna is about to announce its U.S. crew in advance of growth plans into North The united states, with a view to start in earnest at first of 2015. Klarna, a European large, which has raised $282.1 million over six rounds of financing, in line with CrunchBase, has set… Read More